Back Together After 28 Years: A Bronx Tale | Sit Down with Michael Franzese

“A Bronx Tale” is one of my favorite films. Anything Robert Dinero is involved in, I am definitely watching. What I loved most about the film, was that it illustrated to me as a young girl growing up in South Central that Black youth were not the only ones that were subject to falling victim to the negative influences in their neighborhoods. Even as Dinero tried to steer his son clear of the world of hustling, but his son was so enamored with what he viewed as “cool.”

It was also dope to see a beautiful dark-skinned girl play the love interest of the main character.

28 years after its release, Lillo Brancato, Jr. and Taral Hicks-Dawson – also known as Calogero and Jane from “A Bronx Tale” – have reunited! The movie that changed both of their lives. Taral Hicks is best known for her acting in the film as Jane Williams. Lillo Brancato, also known for his performance as Calogero Anello in Robert De Niro’s 1993 directorial debut. He also played Matthew Bevilaqua, a young mobster on The Sopranos. Together they reunite for a sit down with Michael Franzese.

Video: Michael Franzese

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