AZ-Freestyle & Interview (2005)

Brooklyn rapper AZ (born Anthony Cruz) remains in my top 5 list of the greatest rappers. Many would think as a woman, I am solely enamored with how fine AZ is (no disrespect to the woman in his life) but that’s just face value, something to pull you in. As you listen to AZ’s rap, that is what captivates anyone who is a real fan of the art of Hip-Hop.

One of the lost elements of Hip-Hop remains knowledge of self and although born on the gritty and rugged streets of New York, AZ did not allow his mind to remain trapped within the perceived limitations of the ghetto elements, that have so many of our Black men in arrested development today.

In honor of AZ releasing the follow up to one of my favorite and timeless Hip-Hop albums, Doe or Die II  last week (right around my birthday), here is a throwback Smack DVD interview I found on Mulazio Tv.

Salute to the God MC AZ the Visualizer. One of my favorite tracks ft. Jahiem on Doe or Die II.

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