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AR-15 Recovered After 13-Year-Old Makes Threats Against Compton Animo Middle School

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Compton, CA—A 13-year-old has been arrested after he allegedly threatened to shoot students at Animo Mae Jemison Middle School.

The identity of the individual is being withheld due to their age, but police served a warrant at the 13-year-olds after students reported the threats to staff. A search turned up not only an AR-15 and ammunition, but a list of intended victims that included staff and students.

A male relative of the 13-year-old was also arrested at the residence. He was booked on weapons charges. According to the LA Times:

“Deputies found the semiautomatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine, 100 rounds of ammunition, a list of the names of potential targets and a “rudimentary hand-drawn map” of the school, Villanueva said.

Sheriff’s Department officials declined to name the adult male relative who was arrested along with the boy. They described him as a family member who is not the boy’s parent. He will appear in court Tuesday and will probably face “a myriad of weapons-related charges” in addition to the criminal threats charge, Sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Boese said. “

“The rifle seized from the boy’s home was unregistered but did have a serial number, Villanueva said.”

Animo Mae Jemison is an independent Charter school Middle in Compton.

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