Andre Spicer Statement on Replacing Isaac Galvan on Compton City Council

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Compton, CA–Tomorrow in Compton’s Council Chambers there will be a swearing in ceremony for Andre Spicer, after a Judge ruled Friday to overturn the 2021 Compton City Council election. The ruling comes in favor of Spicer, following a lawsuit he filed against his opponent Isaac Galvan for Compton’s District 2 seat.

Spicer’s lawsuit alleged Galvan committed voter fraud by submitting several fraudulent ballots in an election that Galvan was said to have won by one vote. Spicer’s lawsuit came after Galvan was arrested in August 2021 and charged with conspiring to commit election fraud along with 5 others.

Following Galvan’s arrest in 2021, community members gathered to protest and call on Galvan to resign from Compton’s City Council. They also created and circulated a petition to support their efforts.

In a statement, Spicer says tells me that he is still in shock following the ruling but he is grateful to see the day that he fought for finally come, and he is looking forward to working with his council colleagues in moving the city of Compton forward.

The Judge’s ruling also comes after David Blake Jr., a liaison who worked for Galvan, was arrested for suspicion of murder in Downey last week. Blake is also the son of DJ Quik. 

Listen to my interview with Spicer during his run for Compton’s City Council here.

Read More:  https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/dj-quik-son-compton-council-arrest-murder-blake-galvan/2904076/

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