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3 Students Killed At the Michigan State University, Gunman Commits Suicide

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Lansing, Michigan—Three students were killed Tuesday night, after a gunman opened fire Michigan State University’s campus.

Thousands gathered on MSU’s campus this evening for a vigil honoring the students who lost their lives, and five others who remain in critical condition from the shooting.

Brian Fraser, Alexandria Verner and Arielle Anderson were all undergraduate students at MSU.

Alexandria was noted for her engagement and kindness, Brian was a leader in our greek community and Arielle was headed toward a career of service as a physician,” MSU Interim President Teresa Woodruff said during the vigil.


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43-year-old Anthony McRae fired into a popular dining hall on MSU’s campus, leading to a manhunt that lasted for three hours. McRae reportedly committed suicide and police are still searching for a motive behind the shooting.

“We have absolutely no idea what the motive was,” said Chris Rozman, deputy chief of campus police, adding that McRae was not a student or a Michigan State employee.

MSU cancelled all classes and ordered students to stay away from campus for at least two days following the shooting.

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