Timothy Dean Died From Meth Overdose In Ed Buck’s Home

West Hollywood, CA–The cause of death for Timothy Dean has been revealed as an accidental meth overdose. On Jan. 7,  Dean was found dead inside the West Hollywood apartment of Ed Buck. Buck, 64, has only been described in the media as a Democratic donor and PETA activist.

Apartment of Horrors

Dean is the second man in less than two years to die from an “accidental methamphetamine overdose” at Buck’s residence.

Gemmel Moore, 26, died from a meth overdose at Buck’s residence in July 2017. According to police reports, Moore was found naked on a mattress in Buck’s living room. Drug residue littered Buck’s apartment and was noted on the coroners report.

A vigil was held after Dean was found in Buck’s apartment. Moore’s mother and family were also present.

Deadly Fetish

Ashlee Marie Preston, who is a transgender activist was in attendance at the vigil. Preston knew Buck while she was a former board member of the Stonewall Democratic Club of Los Angeles. She told NBCNews that:

“There’s a larger story that people aren’t looking at. It’s really about money, power, chemsex culture, and raceplay. It’s this underground thing that many people aren’t talking about, and essentially it’s murder rebranded. He’s forcibly giving people lethal injections of drugs in exchange for money.”

After Moore’s death, his mother called for Buck’s arrest after finding Moore’s journal, detailing Buck’s fetish of injecting Black, gay men with meth in exchange for money.

An investigation into Buck was opened and later closed.

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey decided not to prosecute Buck right before the one-year-anniversary of Moore’s death. There is supposed to be a current investigation into Dean’s death but as of yet, no arrest of Buck has been made.


Dean’s family gathered in Los Angeles for a memorial this weekend to celebrate what would have been Dean’s 56th birthday.

The deaths of both Moore and Dean has seemingly confirmed suspicions that Buck is a white man who preys on vulnerable Black men. Dean was employed in retail at the time of his death and also performed as an adult-film star for a number of years.  

While the media covers Jussie Smollett, the story of a white male with political connections, who is most likely providing deadly doses of meth to Black men gets buried within the news cycle. We need justice for all of Ed Buck’s victims.

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