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Hidden Colors 5 Premieres In Beverly Hills, Why Do People Still Support The Series?

South Central, Los Angeles—Why are people still supporting Hidden Colors? Hidden Colors is the widely popular independent documentary series about African-American history and it’s relation to white supremacy.

Tariq Nasheed, a former self-proclaimed relationship expert and author, whose writings are widely laced with “pimp-game” has redirected his pimp mindframe to selling African-American history to Black America.

I have not seen anyone yet, in the so called “conscious” community that isn’t selling out the Black community or selling you something. Like information you should already know, or tickets to seminars that do nothing to produce true change in our communities

Tomorrow there will be a premiere of the new Hidden Colors 5 in Beverly Hills.

Not in Leimert Park. Not in the Crenshaw District. Not in “South L.A” which are the hubs of the Black community—but a place in Beverly Hills—where you can probably count on your hands the number of Black people in sight, and those who own homes in the area.

Dr. Umar Johnson, another familiar face in the so called “conscious” Black community, made it known during one of his many online emotional breakdowns, that Tariq uses white production teams to produce Hidden Colors. Hashtag, #WhereTheyDoThatAt?

“You creating an encyclopedia about white supremacy and you using white folks to put it all together?”

Personally, I find this to be rather appalling and it further proves my point of race hustlers selling Black people information they should already know.

The Black community of Los Angeles is in the midst of silent turmoil. Our communities are being plowed through, a South Central icon was murdered in broad day light and Tariq wants to premiere a documentary about white supremacy in Beverly Hills.

No one seems to find a problem with that, the event is sold out.

My decisions to not support Tariq Nasheed or his work no matter how he is able to package truth and sell it to his community, is due to personal correspondence that I have had with him.

While in college and as the vice-president of the Black Student Union, we decided to try and get Tariq to campus to film Hidden Colors.

During our emails back and forth, as I was trying to see when a good time would be to book him due to his schedule, he wrote me something along the lines of, hit him back when I had the check in hand.

That’s when I really knew it was all about the money for this conscious race hustler.

I don’t see how anyone can stomach listening to him online. The way he disrespects women, and Black women in particular is a disgrace.

With this type of rhetoric, Tariq can not be for promoting strong Black family units. You can not claim to be for the community and disrespect or downplay the mother of the race. Tariq perpetuates a lot of self hate of Black women on his platforms.

As someone with a degree in critical race and gender studies, the stuff Tariq preaches about, I think my opinion is valid to say his delivery of the subject is rather mundane and basic.

His ability to pull in key people to discus and break down Black History and white supremacy, has been his strong point, and how he has been able to continue the series for so long.

Along with a solid, white production team of course.

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Slauson Girl is a South Central native who has a love for journalism, history and all things Hip-Hop. She holds a B.A in Critical Race & Gender Theory & a Minor in Journalism.

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