Drakeo Freed Same Time Jackie Lacey Is Voted As Los Angeles District Attorney

Los Angeles, CA–Many may have considered Drakeo a non-factor after being railroaded by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Interestingly enough, despite being held on charges his attorney says he already beat, he was released this week with time served.

The news came just as election results rolled in from this years D.A race. Lacey is now out, replaced with San Francisco’s former D.A., George Gascon.

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Darrell Caldwell, AKA Drakeo the Ruler, has been held for three years as prosecutors worked to implicate him on charges that appeared to stem mainly from his music. Gang injunction charges were discussed frequently by the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, who aimed to show the ways this law was used to charge gang members due to association.

NPR reports:

“He was originally arrested in 2017 for a murder he was eventually acquitted of. But he stayed in jail as prosecutors argued that his lyrics and music videos were proof that Drakeo’s rap group was a violent gang and Drakeo was its leader.

In California, if you are a gang member, you can be charged for crimes other members of your supposed gang committed,” (NPR).

Drakeo spent his first day out in the studio making up for lost time.

Host of the Hella Black Podcast based in Oakland sat down with Drakeo’s team while he was still incarcerated to discuss the unfairness of his case.

Listen Here: EP 82: FREE DRAKEO THE RULER (feat TK and Picasso)

“DRAKEO is being set up by the racist L.A sheriff’s department, the racist D.A’s office, and the judge. During the episode we talk about the capital murder case he already beat, the gang injunctions he’s been fighting, and his 1st amendment being violated. This case deserves national attention.”Hella Black Podcast

Shouts out to Drakeo! Salute.

Photos: Lee Speilman

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