My Post Election Message To Black Celebrities: You Are Part of The Problem

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South Central, Los Angeles–Truth be told we have a lot of conversations that need to happen in the Black community before we can be concerned about “allies.” 

What good are you to the Black community if you come out of the woodworks to endorse candidates, when you continue to have your own head buried in the sand year after year, not concerned about the plight of poor, disenfranchised Blacks?

You are promoting filth to the Black community and think because you are famous, the Black community should take your advice on politics. Do you even know the name of the city council representative in the community you come from?

You are not connected to any Black community other than Black twitter and show your political immatureness with your blind support for political candidates–with no critical questions or analysis on how this person would work towards the interest of the Black community.

Come on now. We must do better as a collective. The revolution will not be televised because it starts in your mind first. We have to shift the culture to show we are serious, so we can be taken serious.

Slauson Girl is a South Central native who has a love for journalism, history and all things Hip-Hop. She holds a B.A in Critical Race & Gender Theory & a Minor in Journalism. Follow Me on IG @Slausongirl

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