L.A County Awards $3.9 Million After Ryan Twyman Killed By Sheriff’s in Willowbrook

Willowbrook, CA–Today the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to award $3.9 million in the shooting death of Ryan Twyman. Twyman was killed by Los Angeles Sheriff’s June 2019, after deputies fired 34 rounds into a car Twyman was in.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is currently investigating if deadly use of force was justified in Twyman’s killing.

In Jun. 2019, Sheriff’s drove into an apartment complex located on El Segundo and 132nd, in an unincorporated area known as Willowbrook, a few miles from Compton. Details now show these deputies received a cell phone call from a detective, who gave them Twyman’s name and license plate number.

Surveillance video from a camera in the apartment complex, shows police approach Twyman’s vehicle and open the rear passenger door. A few moments later, you see the car reverse and the deputies begin shooting.

One deputy is seen running to retrieve an AR-15 from his patrol vehicle and shooting into Twyman’s car.

A passenger who was in the car during the shooting, as well as Twyman’s three minor children and parents are listed as plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit, citing civil rights violations.

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Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas acknowledged a lack of training and accountability during the Board of Supervisors meeting today. Ridley-Thomas says he would like to see Twyman’s death investigated by the office of the Attorney General.

According to LASD policy,

“Firearms should not be discharged at a stationary or moving vehicle, the occupants of a vehicle, or the tires of a vehicle unless a person in the vehicle is imminently threatening a department member or another person present with deadly force by means other than the moving vehicle. The moving vehicle itself shall not presumptively constitute a threat that justifies the use of deadly force.” 

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