Vigil Held in Honor of Tsurai Village

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esterday evening at the memorial lighthouse in Trinidad, a vigil was held in honor of the Tsurai village. Since last week there has been an occupation of the lighthouse in protest of a project to move the replica lighthouse 22 feet–when the Tsurai Ancestral Society and the Yurok Tribe want it removed from the site completely.



The Civic Club of Trinidad owns the piece of property which is also Tsurai Ancestral lands; lands of the lineage of Tsurai, who still live in the area and who fight hard to preserve it. Burial grounds also encompass the lands but exact locations are not pinpointed by the tribes due to grave looters and archeologist.

Currently, the weight of the lighthouse threatens the bluff where it sits and is in danger of slipping off the edge due to erosion.

The Tsurai Ancestral Society and the Yurok Tribe state they were not consulted on the project and that the Civic Club received an emergency permit as a way to bypass public input. It is believe that cultural monitors were picked from the Trinidad Rancheria because the Tsurai village wanted the structure removed from the sight completely, as opposed to 22 feet.



Tomorrow at 10:00 a.m there is a closed session city-council meeting with members of the Yurok Tribe’s legal counsel regarding the project.

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