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[Video]: Devon Franklin At 20th Century Fox

Los Angeles, CA– Friday I had the opportunity to hear Devon Franklin speak at 20th Century Fox. Franklin is the producer, author and motivational speaker who is also married to actress Megan Good.

The former Senior Vice President of Columbia Pictures quit his job in pursuit of owning a production company that produced faith-based projects.

His talk was centered around owning our differences as individuals on the path to stepping into your destiny, as well as detailing his journey through Hollywood as a man of faith. 

“Why is it so hard to own our difference? Difference is painful. It’s hard to stand out, it’s much easier to fit in. There is pain with owning difference but that pain will ultimately produce peace.”

Franklin also provided copies of his new book, “The Hollywood Commandments” free of charge to those in attendance. 

“We don’t need any more copycats of people we think are successful. What we really need is for you and I to be who we were created to be.”

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