TrapKitchen Teams Up With EveryTable For TrapKitchen Curry Bowl

Los Angeles, CA–The TrapKitchen has grown greatly in the last four years. They have gained the exposure of major news platforms, catered celebrity events, published a cook-book and have positioned themselves as successful businessmen from South LA & Compton.

Born out of the entrepreneurial spirit of two men once known solely by the hood-names of their rival neighborhoods, their inner-city popularity infused with social media platforms such as Instagram has literally kept the trap booming.

Now, Trapkitchen has their own signature dish sold at Everytable. 

Trap Kitchen Curry Bowl

“The recipe came from our cookbook. We just put a spin on it with Everytable’s ingredients. Fresh ingredients everyday.  From the kitchen to the shelf.

Living in such a fast-paced society especially in Los Angeles, people are usually eating on the go. Most of the fast-food consumed by Americans is convenient and cheap, but very unhealthy. Today Everytable hosted a meet and greet with TrapKitchen at the Baldwin-Hills Crenshaw Mall to reveal the new Trap Kitchen Curry Bowl

We need more clean food. Some people may have health complications and they can’t eat too much salt or too much seasoning. This is the perfect thing for our community at the right price,” says Malachi Jenkins also known as Chef Spank.

“Collabing with Everytable is a big deal to us because their reach and our reach is very different. So we can expand our brand through them and we get to put one of our dishes into a store finally,” says Roberto Smith who also goes by Chef News.

Everytable is apart of a food revolution to make healthy grab-and-go meals accessible especially in places like Compton and South LA that have become labeled as food deserts due to their lack of access to healthy food options.

“It really feels good to be able to walk through the mall and see your product sitting there. That feels real good.”

Chef Spank, Everytable Chef Zach and Chef News at the meet and greet

At the grand opening of their Compton store last month, Everytable C.E.O Sam Polk relayed being a fan of TrapKitchen before their collaboration.

“We wanted to celebrate the fact there are these incredible entrepreneurs from the local community. There is a huge pool of untapped entrepreneurial talent in places like Compton and the Trap Kitchen is a great reflection of that.”

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