The Assassination of Nipsey Hussle Becomes More Clear

What I’ve learned today has made things more clear in regards to who was invested into the demise of South Central’s hometown hero, Nipsey Hussle. The Los Angeles Times released a much anticipated article today, detailing the City of Los Angeles’s determination to label the Marathon Clothing lot on Slauson and Crenshaw a public nuisance.

This article is what Nipsey Hussle’s business partner David Gross, was alluding to, when he posted to his Instagram, detailing the actions taken by the city for “gang-related” activity on the lot.

“But an incident allegedly involving Hussle’s family pushed the then-owners to start eviction proceedings, according to documents obtained by The Times. A man was punched, hit over the head with a lead pipe and stabbed in the back at the store on Sept. 14, 2018 — resulting in a deep head laceration, possible traumatic brain injury and vision loss, according to the eviction notice filed by property manager E.Y. Song.

Police records show that Samiel Asghedom was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in the case. But within weeks, the L.A. County district attorney’s office dropped the charge.”

The Times further detail how this incident was used to propel actions by the City of Los Angeles, to make the owners evict Nipsey Hussle and his business partners from their businesses at the lot on Slauson and Crenshaw.

“Soon after the parking lot beating, according to documents obtained by The Times, City Atty. Mike Feuer’s office notified owners Jong Soo Lee and Ho Haeng Lee that their property was a gathering spot for the Rollin’ 60s. In a follow-up letter on Nov. 15, 2018, Deputy City Atty. Nancy Hagan wrote that she was expecting the owners to implement remedial measures, including assigned parking spaces and surveillance cameras accessible only to law enforcement.”

By some miracle, a change of heart and through the grace of God, the owners of the lot decided to sell the property to Nipsey Hussle and his business partners, instead of evicting them.

Two months after closing on the property, Nipsey Hussle lay bleeding in the same parking lot from multiple gun shot wounds. The alleged gun-man Eric Holder, is currently in prison awaiting trial.

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Writing this, envokes so much emotion because it is an all too familiar pattern in the Black experience in this country.

As soon as a Black man, especially with “messiah-like” qualities, becomes a beacon of hope and can speak the language of the masses, his life is taken at the hands of the white supremacist system that controls our society.

To deny the conspiracy against Nipsey Hussle is criminal at this point.

The big question, will be if Nipsey Hussle’s family and team will be able to gather the permits necessary from the City of Los Angeles, to complete Nipsey Hussle Tower. The LA Times article did leave the huge question of if the two parties were able to reach middle ground.

In a statement released through his lawyers at the Cochran Firm, Blacc Sam says that nothing will stop the completion of Nipsey Hussle Tower. The public needs show their full support of the family, to ensure this happens.

For the Times, who wrote a killer headline asking if Nipsey Hussle’s legacy will die at the Marathon Lot, must not understand that legends never die. Their spirit and essence lives on through their children, family, close friends, and supporters from all over the world.

“Nipsey was a true inspiration for the have nots. He was the people’s champ. He came from nothing and triumphed. He excelled in precarious situations. He had 100% respect from the streets. Because he lead by example, his honor and his sense of duty was at all times his moral compass.

He struggled and fought for years. Sacrificed every day and often times choose to inspire rather than capitalize. So many times people tried to pull him away From the work he was doing in the community he grew up in. So many times people tried to suggest that he stop coming around and stop mingling with the people. They would say you made it, why are you still in the hood?

Nipsey knew what he was here to do his purpose was to inspire those who had no inspiration. He would show the people it can be done, “I’m just like you and I did it.” Believe in yourself and with hard work anything is possible. Educate yourself and always give back the same inspiration that helped you grow.

Nipsey was the black messiah, articulate, intelligent, charismatic, militant, genuine, authentic, and most of all he was teaching those that most didn’t want taught.

When a black man gains notoriety and attaches himself to the people, he is seen as a threat to the system. Investigations, smear campaigns, espionage, and intimidation tactics are always used to discredit and falsely incarcerate who they see as a threat. “

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  1. I believe the video and the police saying to assign parking is just the tip of the iceberg, who sent David Gross, why did Nipsey Grandmother say Blacc Sam ran out in the morning ,also why would a white women Joelle James come to the hood and buy clothes in the marathon also she was with Nipsey the day he was assassinated and before oh she also took a pic of her receipt showing her location and time posting the pic of the receipt on Instagram, I have a lot of questions!

    • From Day 1 I Knew It Was A Set-Up! I Mean Wake Up They Been Harassing Them For Years. Cops Would Always Take Theyre Products Before The Lot And Told Them To Rent A Building And Pay They’re Taxes Like Everybody Else They Took Need And Rent A Building Wanted To Thank Them For The Advice The Cop Got Mad. Smdh I Say Everybody The Whole City Is Involved #FuxkItISaidIt#