Despite Heightened Police Alert, Slauson And Crenshaw Calm For Nipsey Hussle Birthday

Slauson and Crenshaw was calmer than police likely imagined. Reports relayed that the LAPD would be on heightened alert, and that plain clothes police would be in the area. Despite their fears of some sort of wild uprising, the atmosphere of Slauson and Crenshaw was relatively calm today on Nipsey Hussle’s birthday.

Fans milled about, but not nearly as many compared to the days and months following Nipsey Hussle’s assassination.

The Nation of Islam were on scene just like they were following Nipsey Hussle’s death. They set up gates at the alley-ways and fans who wanted to take pictures in front of the murals, were directed around Fatburger.

Community activist Najee Ali got into an altercation this morning with another Black man over “agent provocateurs” in the community.

The altercation happened during a press conference Najee scheduled at 9:00 a.m this morning, to demand the Los Angeles D.A withdraw the immunity deal given to the get-away-driver in Nipsey Hussle’s shooting.

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The Fence around the Marathon Clothing Store encloses the whole property. The metal fence is covered, so you are unable to see the property from the outside, other than the TMC and Crenshaw logos that sit at the highest point on the property.

All in all, people from all walks of life still came to pay their respects to Nipsey Hussle on his birthday and the day was peaceful, other than the Ali situation during his press conference attempt.

This young artist recently graduated with his B.A in Art from Cal State Dominguez Hills. He relayed that he was inspired to do this tribute piece to honor the love of Nipsey Hussle and longtime girlfriend Lauren London.

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