Slauson Girl Speaks With Lia Dias Girl Cave L.A CEO On Black Women in Business + The Hair Industry

Lia Dias is a Beauty Mogul & Business Coach from Inglewood, California. As founder of The Girl Cave L.A, Lia currently helps guide over 6 Girl Cave franchise locations, in places including Inglewood, Anaheim and Texas.

This mother of 3 is a serial entrepreneur with no plans of slowing down.

In addition to The Girl Cave, Lia recently purchased Hype Hair Magazine which is one of the biggest Black hair publications. We discuss her journey navigating an Asian dominated hair care industry and how although Black people ARE the market–we don’t own it.

She shares her background and what inspired her to become an entrepreneur, as well as what keeps her grounded in her day-to-day business operations.

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If you want to have a good time in the city, also check out the sports bar she owns in Inglewood @Champcitybar

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