Slauson Girl Speaks With Hoodrat Feminist Episode #10

Downtown, Los Angeles–Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite Black women on Instagram, Hoodrat Feminist. The East Orange, New Jersey native, recently moved to Los Angeles from Georgia.

The young creative is a student of Black Feminism, deriving her moniker in response to not seeing women like her represented in the feminist text.

Basically, feminism is a white woman’s world and Hoodrat Feminist aims to represent that counter-narrative that is disregarded in academia.

We talk about growing up in Jersey, balancing relationships and creative pursuits while moving to a new state, her recent projects such as the launch of her podcast The Pleasure Pusher and so much more.

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Listen to her new podcast The Pleasure Pusher

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Slauson Girl is a South Central native who has a love for journalism, history and all things Hip-Hop. She holds a B.A in Critical Race & Gender Theory & a Minor in Journalism. Follow Me on IG @Slausongirl

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