Compton Mayor Aja Brown Endorses Mike Bloomberg For President.

Compton, CA–This week, presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg visited Compton where he was endorsed by Compton Mayor Aja Brown in a ceremony attended by the local community and many people of influence in Compton.

When Brown posted to her social media account a recap of the event along with her endorsement of Bloomberg for President, many people took to the comments to show their disagreement with the move.

“Judge a person’s character by the company they keep. I can’t believe your endorsement, Bloomberg does not give a SHIT about the average working class Compton citizen PERIOD! This proves that it’s time for a new mayor in Compton.”

All due respect are you aware of how his stop and frisk increased mass incarceration in NYC of innocent people. There’s hardly a black person in the crowd Compton Knows what’s up.

You’re not listening to THE PEOPLE. You’re too busy tryin to convince us of why you made such a bad choice. You literally wasted your endorsement. NO ONE OF COLOR is going to vote for Bloomberg. Democrats have NO strategy. Just like you guys FAILED with Hillary. But, money talks.

Brown will also co-chair the California Bloomberg campaign.

 “I’m proud to endorse Mike Bloomberg for president because he has a real plan for all Americans. Mike has pledged a $70 billion commitment to invest in underserved cities to drive economic empowerment and close the economic gap between White Americans and people of color. His Greenwood and El Paso Adelante plans have the power to lift communities like Compton and change outcomes for generations,” LA Sentinel.

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According to the Los Angeles Sentinel:

“The Bloomberg campaign is counting on California to launch his presidential candidacy into high gear. On Monday, Bloomberg addressed thousands of residents in Compton and picked up a key endorsement from Mayor Aja Brown, as well as Compton city council members Emma Sharif, Tana McCoy and Michelle Chambers.”

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Yesterday, I announced my endorsement of 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg @mikebloomberg . Mayor Bloomberg is aware of the unique challenges that underserved communities like ours face. He is committed to addressing important issues with real plans to invest $70Bil in the nation’s most underserved communities, federal investment directly to local cities for road repairs, launching small business development centers to add 100,000 new black businesses and double the number of Latino businesses in the next 10 years, securing citizenship for our 11million undocumented residents, address systemic inequities and criminal justice reform and so much more. . . Salute to Compton’s leadership, Mayor-Protem Emma Sharif, Councilwoman Michelle Chambers @chambers4change and Councilwoman Tana McCoy for coming out strong and endorsing Mayor Bloomberg! These women are a force. . . Thank you to the many dynamic leaders that came out to support, Pastor @michaeljtfisher, @missdiddy and so many others. Thank you to my friend and fellow Mayor @michaeldtubbs for joining us. . . Huge thank you to the community leaders who gave Mayor Bloomberg a warm and energetic welcome to our great city. Compton College Board Members @drsharonilittle and Barbara Calhoun, Compton CUSD board members Mae Thomas and Alma Pleasant, Inglewood Mayor James Butts, Carson Mayor Albert Robles and Councilmembers @jawanehilton and Jim Dear were also in attendance. #Compton #Mike2020 #mikebloomberg

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