Slauson Girl Interviews The Mother of Drakeo The Ruler’s Only Child Caiden

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Los Angeles, CA–Since the murder of rapper Drakeo The Ruler Dec 2021, Tianna has been left with the burden of trying to get their 5-year-old son to understand that his father is never coming back. Born Darrell Caldwell, 28, Drakeo The Ruler was set to perform at the Once Upon A Time in L.A festival Dec. 18, 2021, when he found himself involved and outnumbered in a melee before he could hit the stage.

[Video]: The Cochran Firm Files Suit on Behalf of Drakeo The Ruler’s Son

The incident happened in an alleyway adjacent to the Banc of California Stadium in South Central near the University of Southern California (USC). Drakeo died a few hours later at a local hospital after suffering stab wounds to his neck. There are currently no suspects in custody for his death. The Cochran Firm filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Drakeo’s son, Caiden. C3 Presents, The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), Jeff Shuman, Live Nation and Bobby Dee Presents were among those named in the lawsuit.

Drakeo’s murder brings into question the measures taken by venues, to ensure the safety of both talent and patrons at large rap concerts. One month before Drakeo’s death, 10 people were killed after attending Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival in Texas. Drakeo’s death also highlights the trend of violence that continues to surround African-American rappers in the U.S. This energy does not only cut short the lives and artistic expression of these Black rappers. It also threatens to affect the healthy development of their loved ones who also are traumatized by their murders—especially the children they leave behind.

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