Melanie McDade-Dickens: Former Executive Assistant To Inglewood Mayor Seeks Justice After Termination

Inglewood, CA–The Attorney of Melanie McDade-Dickens held a zoom conference this week for the case McDade-Dickens has filed against Inglewood Mayor James Butts.

McDade-Dickens alleges she was fired after ending an eight year relationship with Mayor Butts. McDade-Dickens was placed on paid leave by the City of Inglewood in 2019 and was eventually released from her six figure role as Executive Assistant to the Mayor.

During the zoom conference McDade-Dickens said that she is fighting for her reputation in the city of Inglewood, in a place that she calls home.

“I worked the city of Inglewood almost nine years. I served not only the city but all the residents and the constituents in the area. I’ve come to look at Inglewood as my family, as a community. And I’ve learned from the community and more from the residents than I knew. I was in a relationship with Mayor Butts and it started off nice.”

McDade-Dickens says that one day she decided she wanted the ability to focus on the things that made her happy after spending years in a relationship where her work and personal life had been intertwined.

“For the last four years I have sacrificed my sanity, daily, to make sure that he would be solid,” said McDade-Dickens. “I wanted to own my own life. I wanted to know what my favorite color was. I just wanted peace.”

When McDade-Dickens attempted to end her relationship with Mayor Butts she alleges that he became aggressive, verbally abusive and slowly began stripping her of her role as his executive assistant by leaving her out of meetings that she normally attended with other departments.

The City Inglewood is “prepared to fight these outrageous and unfounded allegations all the way to trial,” according to a statement by Mira Hashmall who is representing the city. Hashmall insists McDade-Dickens was fired over allegations of fraud.

“An investigation by outside counsel determined she falsified a bonus check to appear more financially stable for a home loan, [and] pressured a subordinate into co-signing the loan,” DailyBreeze.

McDade-Dickens lawyer Carl Douglas of Douglas-Hicks Law was also present on the Zoom conference this week regarding the lawsuit.

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“We will show, no man is above the law. Through this lawsuit, we will expose the cesspool that is part of the Inglewood City government. A lot of people say there are parallels between the Mayor of Inglewood James T. Butts and our former president. These parallels are troubling. Both men reward their friends and punish their enemies. Both men treat themselves as if they are kings or dictators. And both men have to be shown that no on, even an elected official, is above the law.

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  1. For some reason,I don’t feel too badly for this woman….she got what she could,then got kicked to the curb by an unscrupulous man….her deal with this devil had many strings…. “Women be wise,don’t compromise…”

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