[Video]: L.A County Sheriff’s Threaten To Shoot Black Man in Crenshaw District

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Los Angeles, CA–A music producer in Los Angeles shared online that he was sitting in his car, when he was approached by Sheriff’s Deputies.

During some point in the encounter, a Deputy threatened to shoot him if he moved or tried to run. He was still live streaming on Instagram and captured the encounter with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s.

The situation happened this week in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles.

The video starts with the Sheriff’s Deputy telling the man, “If you drive off in this car, I’m going to shoot you. You put this car in drive, you are getting one right to the chest.”

In disbelief, the man responded, “you going to shoot me?”

“Absolutely,” the Deputy responded.

The Sheriff Deputies involved in the encounter have been identified as:

-Justin Sabatine (Badge # 623021)

-Jacob Ruiz (Badge # 663350)

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