Elevated Hands: Ashley Nycole Uses Massage Therapy To Heal The Body

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Ashley Nycole is a neuromuscular massage specialist and the owner of Elevated Hands, LLC. As a connoisseur of massage, Ashley Nycole is passionate about helping people begin their journey of self-healing through touch and massage therapy.

Many people are trying to eliminate chronic pain, stress, & diseases.

Ashley Nycole believes that massage therapy is the key that will alleviate many of the issues that people face.

Elevated Hands offers a wide range of massage therapy services including, but not limited to, deep tissue massages, hot stones, aroma therapy, sports injury + recovery, couples massages, body wrap and body scrubs, as well as tandem hand massages.

The best way to book a massage with Elevated Hands is online here.

What inspired you to become a massage therapist?

“My granny always worked the graveyard shifts and I would often watch her trying to massage herself with this cute little back roller she had. The least I could do, was offer a nice back massage.

At the age of four, I offered to help her. I ultimately fell in love watching my grandmother relax, while massaging her stress and tension away.”

How has business been for you as a business owner?

“Not knowing too much about business, I have definitely been making it on prayers and miracles, along with tears and struggles in between.

I just knew I wanted to make a difference and along the way, I’ve learned that my hands, time, and energy hold more value than I allowed myself to be.

I am slowly and gradually doing re-evaluations and revamping services to accommodate all walks of life, because these hands were blessed by the Most High and I know that the blessings will take care of all my needs.”

What would you say is special about your business?

“I would say the pure love and passion I have for what I do, makes my business special. I make sure that everyone who walks through my door, or whoever’s house I visit, are cared for with the upmost respect, comfort, and openness.

This allows people the ability to be one’s true self, and allow the root of discomfort to be released.

Massage and the power of physical touch, has always been very important in my life. It wasn’t until the age of 27, that I expounded on this skill I had been holding onto, and went the distance.

This included completing two massage programs. I decided to go all the way and learn everything possible about massage therapy, the body, different pathologies, physiology, kinesiology, and the anatomy of the body.”

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