L.A County Coroner To Conduct Inquest Into Police Shooting of Fred Williams

Los Angeles, CA–Today the Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office announced they will conduct an inquest into the death of Fred Williams, who was shot and killed by police a month after the killing of Dijon Kizzee by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies. The inquest will happen January 2021.

Retired Justice Candace Cooper will preside over the inquest which is to determine the circumstances and manner in which Williams was killed by the Sheriff’s department.

Kizzee’s death prompted continuous protest at the Sheriff’s station on Imperial near Vermont in September. The news of the Coroners inquest into William’s death comes after the recent inquest into the shooting of 18-year-old Andres Guardado by L.A Sheriff’s.

Mona Park: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Release Body Camera Footage In Fred Williams Shooting

In a statement released today, L.A’s Medical-Examiner office stated the department will subpoena relevant witnesses to testify as well as documents to present at the inquest. After hearing testimony, Judge Cooper will send her decision and recommendation to the Medical Examiner-Coroner.

Read Full Statement: https://mec.lacounty.gov/2020/press-releases/mec-inquest-fred-williams/

The inquest into the death of Guardado was troubling due to the fact that several officers pleaded the fifth and the officer who shot Guardado was “out of the country” after being subpoenaed. Two officers involved in Guardado’s death have been relieved of duty for crashing their patrol vehicle in an incident prior to the shooting.

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