[Interview]: Christina Cooper Is A Young Creative & Entrepreneur

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Christina Cooper is the definition of putting on for your city. She is a model, actress, film-director and entrepreneur of Jamaican and Chinese descent. Her spirit and hustler mentality has caught the eyes of networks and brands such as Oprah Mag, The Daytime Emmys and she was recently named a nominee for this year’s Forbes 30 under 30.

You may have seen one of her billboards around Los Angeles advertising her new online-drama Blue Laces or her talk-show, The Christina Cooper show. She is currently working on her first feature-film “South Central Love,” as well as various business ventures. Budgeting for the film is close to being finalized and her production company is getting ready for castings in September and preparing to film around mid October.

What made you want to start modeling and at what age did you get your start?

I actually never wanted to model. I got discovered working at the Fox hills mall in Culver City around 18/19 I believe.

What was this experience like and where did modeling take you?

The experience was and still is great. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. Especially modeling overseas I experienced crazy situations including getting robbed in Italy and having to survive off of rice, eggs, & cheese, lol. But modeling has taught me independence and helped with my confidence. It also led me to take acting more serious. Walking down a runway is kind of like acting as well!

When did you begin acting?

I’ve done background work since I was little but didn’t take it serious until two years ago or so. My first big role was Miko on Netflix’s Dear White People.

What are some of the business ventures you are currently working on?

I currently have three books on Barnes & Nobles and Amazon, a makeup collection partnership with Miss Mascara, a hair line with Honest Hair, a magazine titled Who’sNext Magazine, and a film production company. I am currently thinking of updating my clothing line as well!

What is your biggest dream/life goal? 

To make movies that inspire the world. I truly want to help my community and uplift the youth that need the most love and guidance. I feel like that is my purpose & I hope I can do that with my South Central Love movie!

How does it feel to get the recognition from places like Orprah Mag and The Emmys?

It is truly an honor. So much is happening and I’m trying to learn to move in silence. I am humbled to be an Omag insider and spread positivity and inspiration. I am also honored to be considered for an Emmy nomination for my digital series Blue Laces. With all this happening and becoming a Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness!

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

My biggest inspiration would have to be the youth if we are speaking in general. I want to help change the world and they inspire me everyday to work towards doing just that.

What inspired you to start writing/directing?

I thought why wait on people to cast me when I can create my own content, cast myself, and inspire my generation with my visions at the same time? Time waits on no man (or woman) so I have to go out & get it any way I can. Whether it’s alone or with a team. I am excited to be writing and directing this “South Central Love” movie.

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Photo Credit: Jason Taylor

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