Meet the 24-Year-Old Film Director Getting Buzz All Around Los Angeles

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Meet the 24-Year-Old Film Director Getting Buzz All Around Los Angeles

Christina Cooper is an actress and an up-and-coming film-director and writer. She is working on her first feature-film entitled, “South Central Love.” Now that budgeting is almost finalized, they are getting ready for castings in September and preparing to film around mid October. The film is set to be released in theaters but we are not yet informed on if it will be in select cities or a nationwide release. Either way, it seems that Los Angeles is ready for this movie and Christina is sparking a lot of interest with her projects.

She wants to inspire the youth to stop the cycles of gun violence through her art. Christina has lost a few friends to gun violence, including her ex-boyfriend. Through these tragedies she wants to inspire change within our communities; especially within the current backdrop of police brutality, gentrification and mental illness.”

“If we say that we want change within our communities, we must support young Black women who are trying to help make these changes.”


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