HSU’s President Lisa Rossbacher Responds to NAACP Regarding Press Release On Recruitment

Arcata, CA–The following statement from HSU President Lisa Rossbacher is in regard to the press release from the Eureka chapter of the NAACP:

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“I was astonished that the Eureka NAACP chapter would suggest that HSU could or should stop recruiting students of color. HSU is deeply committed to diversity and equity, and that would be a giant step backward for the values and mission of this University. I know this group is committed to the ideals of the NAACP, and it must have been difficult for them to endorse this idea. It clarifies for me the depth of their concern.

I disagree with many of the statements in the letter, but I do agree with the larger point that HSU and the North Coast need to do more. Our country struggles with a history of racism and racial inequality on the national and local levels. We must find ways, and work together, to create a brighter future for all our students.”

Lisa Rossbacher sent out this letter the same day and upper-level administration was still absent at the “dialogue on race” asked for by David Josiah Lawson’s mother.

Invitations were sent to Cheryl Johnson who is Director for the office of Diversity Equity & Inclusion at HSU as well as HSU’s interim Vice President of Student Affairs Wayne Brumefield, but they both did not attend.

The NAACP is not telling students of color to not attend COLLEGE but that they need to think deeper about attending HSU if they are accepted–due to the lack of presence and interest from HSU’s administration in the local community on issues that concern students of color.

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