Black Male Empowerment Network Host Fish Fry in Arcata

Arcata, CA–Yesterday at the Campbell Creek Connexion in Arcata, the Black Male Empowerment Network (BMEN) hosted a fish-fry.

Initially, the event supposed to be held at Redwood Park but due to heavy rains, it was changed to the location of the church.

The event served as a way for Black people in the community to connect over classic meals that are not readily available in Humboldt.

Although the event was tailored for communities of color, it was not exclusive and was attended by various people in the local community. Kids could be seen running around and coloring at tables.

BMEN is a group of Black men locally who are professionals, retired and even students, who have breakfast once a month. They started at a steakhouse in Eureka but now opt for the church, seeking a more personal setting.

Tasty, buffet-style food was provided for five hours ranging from fish, ribs, chicken, macaroni and cheese, greens, black-eyed peas and plenty desserts. People were also able to take home plates–just like the family barbeques many are used to back home.

Events like these are super important for building community amongst marginalized groups of people who live in such isolated places as Humboldt County–especially the Black community–who represent a very low percentage of the local population but are still present in the community.

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