FBI Opens Investigation Into Secret Gang of East Los Angeles Sheriffs Deputies

East Los Angeles—-The revelations of secret cliques within law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles are nothing new. News reports released today however, reveal that the FBI have now opened an investigation into the claims.

The Los Angeles Times Reports:

The FBI is investigating a secret society of tattooed deputies in East Los Angeles as well as similar gang-like groups elsewhere within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, multiple people familiar with the inquiry said.

The federal probe follows allegations of beatings and harassment by members of the Banditos, a group of deputies assigned to the Sheriff’s East L.A. station who brand themselves with matching tattoos of a skeleton outfitted in a sombrero, bandolier and pistol.

The clique’s members are accused by other deputies of using gang-like tactics to recruit young Latino deputies into their fold and retaliating against those who rebuff them.”

In 2016, a lawsuit against a Compton Sheriffs Deputy revealed secret cliques within that department as well.


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  1. ?Thanks for covering newsworthy NEWS in our communities that does not always make it to the major news networks. You should do a news piece on the men of Africatown and BLaction365. Those Black men in that grassroots organization are on the ground doing something positive in the LA community.

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