Everytable Opens Eighth Location in Watts

Watts, CA- Everytable opened a location in Watts this week, located in the Martin Luther King Plaza shopping center. They event was celebrated with a DJ and free meals to community members.

Local city council representatives and Everytable CEO were also in attendance.

Everytable works around a food justice model to provide healthy and affordable meals to areas known as ‘food deserts’. Typically, these areas lack access to healthy food options while surrounded by fast food places.

Former hedge-fund trader, Sam Polk, envisioned the idea for Everytable after deciding to leave his high-paying career behind.

“We’ve spent the last six to seven months building connections in this community and coming correct and showing respect. We are really excited about this location. We are thrilled to see the turn out, which we attribute to that. This neighborhood is really important in the history of Los Angeles,” Polk relayed at the grand opening.

Everytable’s pre-prepared meals include salads and specialty dishes which are made daily. They provide healthy meals but also work within a “fast-food” model.

Polk even pitched his business model before the Sharks on Shark Tank but was turned down. He now has eight locations.

For their Compton location which opened last year, Everytable teamed up with The Trap Kitchen to produce their own dish. The Trap kitchen was started by two rival gang members, who formed a bond and successful business over their love of culinary art.

“We wanted to celebrate the fact there are these incredible entrepreneurs from the local community. There is a huge pool of untapped entrepreneurial talent in places like Compton and The Trap Kitchen is a great reflection of that.”

Polk said that he was a fan of The Trap Kitchen before opening a location in Compton. He also said that The Trap Kitchen Curry Bowl is Everytable’s best-selling dish.

Trap Kitchen Curry Bowl

“We couldn’t be more happy to be here and hopefully we will serve the people of Watts for decades to come,” said Polk.

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