Who is Angelica McFarland And Why Wasn’t She Brought To Testify?

23-year-old Kyle Zoellner was the suspect accused in the stabbing death of David Josiah Lawson. Lawson was stabbed at an off-campus party Easter weekend and died as a result of his injuries. He was 19.

After five days of preliminary hearings, Zoellner was released two and a half weeks after he was arrested due to a lack of physical evidence.

Angelica McFarland was one of three girls who accompanied Zoellner’s girlfriend Lila Ortega to the party that night.

One of the girls in the group, Naiya Wilkins, testified that McFarland pepper-sprayed Josiah, his girlfriend and the two brothers they were with prior to the stabbing.

In addition, McFarland’s mother was called to the scene and drove Zoellner’s car (that was parked right in the middle of the crime scene with a bag of chef knives in it) to drop the girls off at home.

On the first day of Zoellner’s preliminary hearings, the prosecution read a list of witnesses that could not be present in the courtroom. McFarland’s name was one of them.

Everyone who was mentioned, was called to testify except her.

McFarland’s mother was also present at court but was never mentioned or called to testify to what the girls said when they called her or what she saw that night when she arrived to the scene.

If McFarland and her mother were at the scene of the crime, why were they never brought to testify? Why were their statements not read in court?

McFarland is the missing link of information and it would be important to know what she saw that night and what role she played in the events that unfolded and why.


It was a can of bear mace McFarland provided to be sprayed on Lawson and his friends. They sprayed until the can was empty and left the can on the porch. (Source: Osprey Magazine Fall 2017)

Did APD ever recover the can of bear mace from the scene of the stabbing?

Again I ask, why was McFarland and her mother never brought to testify to what they saw and experienced the night Lawson was killed?

In a meeting with Arcata’s mayor, Lawson’s girlfriend and Arcata’s chief of Police, I asked these questions.

The Chiefs response was that Angelica was ‘down the street calling her mother and didn’t see anything’ but also that she was ‘young and her statement was all over the place.’ Wouldn’t that be more reason to look into her further??

According to those who lived with McFarland:

These are questions that need to be answered by the Humboldt County justice system.

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  1. So, I just looked her up on Facebook…wow. Her online time waster game of choice is very similar to this theory, too similar. This chick needs to be asked some questions, on the record and in a court room.

  2. Angelica was more than willing to testify. The DA didn’t want her to because it would hurt his case against Kyle. Kyle’s lawyer didn’t need her to testify because he felt very confident about the outcome, I’m sure. Of course there is lack of evidence because Kyle did not murder DJ. I think it’s interesting that the Castillos had left and came back. I think they are lying about their time frame. Maybe they went to the car and grabbed a knife (why would they try to drive away after they were pepper sprayed? Not to mention, Castillo’s gf was still at the house), meant to stab Kyle and missed (they were pepper sprayed so vision was not on their side) It was rumored that DJ was in a room alone with one of the Castillo’s gf. That knife did not come from that bag, that is a crappy cheap looking kitchen knife, no chef would use that for their job. So the knife, in my opinion, came from the house or like I said the Castillos car. What I find odd is that race has been put into this but these girls were partying, socializing and dancing with people of color the whole night (one is even a person of color) they were all having a good time up until Lila’s phone was stolen (it was never recovered, so it is safe to say someone did steal it) It was proven over and over that Kyle was not the aggressor, nor was he racist. “I hope that N* dies” is complete hearsay. I do believe emotions were high and mixed with alcohol, not a good combo. If I watched my bf get the stuff beat out of him to the point of him being unconscious (he too could have been killed) I’d probably wish death upon someone too, but that doesn’t mean I would truly want that person to die. We all say things when emotions are high. Wishing death upon someone, doesn’t mean you killed them.
    Lola Vaughn

  3. WOW! That’s Big News! Angelica McFarland was a major witness at a murder scene and never gave a statement or testified? That’s a Conspiracy,,a Cover-Up,,Privileged Protection ! Call the Justice Department !

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