‘Slow Burn’ 2pac & Bigge Live Podcast: Heated Debate Between Randall Sullivan & Greg Kading

Los Angeles, CA–This week, I had the opportunity to catch Slate’s Live tour for season 3 of their podcast ‘Slow Burn.’ The tour had stops in NYC, DC, LA, and SF. Host and journalist Joel Anderson broke down Pac & Biggie’s friendship, along with the origins of the East-Coast-West Coast rap beef. The show also saw special Guest Randall Sullivan & Greg Kading.

Both Greg & Randall have written books on Tupac & Biggie’s murder. Sullivan’s from a journalist’s perspective, with the help of former LAPD detective Russell Poole. The other, Kading, an LAPD detective assigned to investigate the murder ten years later.

‘Slow Burn’ Live was the first time the men shared the same space to discuss their differing views on the Tupac and Biggie murder–and the exchange was definitely heated.

Sullivan’s book, Labyrinth: The True Story of City of Lies, the Murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. and the Implication of the Los Angeles Police, takes a radical stance naming key figures and organizations in Los Angeles as culprits in Tupac and Biggie’s murder.

Kading’s book, Murder Rap, seemingly exonerates claims of LAPD involvement. Kading’s research and conclusions include the confessions of those who claim to have been directly involved in the shooting of Tupac Shakur.

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