Slauson Girl Speaks With Rodney King’s Daughter

On this episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, I have the opportunity of speaking to Lora King, who is the Daughter of Rodney King. She speaks on her life growing up, the impacts of the verdict on her father, as well as how his beating by police left a lasting impact on his emotional and mental health.

Lora talks about why it is important to her, that she is doing the work of continuing her fathers legacy through the Rodney King Foundation. We also speak about her role trying to bridge racial gaps and honoring local fathers through the Rodney King Foundation.

George Holliday, 61, the man who filmed her father’s beating by LAPD died last Sunday at a Los Angeles hospital, where he had been for more than a month. Friend and coworker Robert Wollenweber, tells media that Holliday was not vaccinated and was on a ventilator after contracting pneumonia.

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