Slauson Girl Speaks With Mikeona Johnson Mother + Police Treatment of Missing Black Women & Girls

South Central, Los Angeles–On This episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, I discuss the Los Angeles Police Detectives closing the investigation into Mikeona Johnson’s case. I also interview Mikeona Johnson’s mother. Author and educator Sikivu Hutchinson also shares her insight on law enforcement’s treatment of missing and murdered Black Women & Girls. 

Earlier this week, the family of Mikeona Johnson held a press conference in front of the 77th Police Station in South Central, demanding police re-open the investigation into her case. The 23-year-old Black Mother/Student went missing Sep 9, 2020 and was found deceased in her own car a week later. Detectives have now told Mikeona’s family that they are closing the investigation into her case, although, her cause of death has not been established.

Listen: LAPD Closing Mikeona Johnson Case, Mother Interview, Sikivu Hutchinson on Law Enforcement Treatment of Black Women & Girls

Mikeona’s family searched for her in Los Angeles, putting up missing persons fliers, as well as using social media in their search efforts. They canvassed the same area she was found and they say her car was not in that location when they searched for her.

It was determined by detectives that Mikeona died the day she went missing but her cause of death is currently listed as “undetermined.”

6 months later, her family has also not received her autopsy report. Her toxicology report showed no drugs or alcohol. No reward was offered for information leading to an arrest on behalf of the city of Los Angeles.

Mikeona has 2 daughters.

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