Slauson Girl Speaks With Corvain Cooper on Donald Trump Clemency

Los Angeles, CA–Corvain Cooper is no longer serving a life sentence for a non-violent marijuana conviction under the three strikes law. Corvain received clemency from Donald Trump in 2021, right before he left office. He served seven years of his sentence after his lawyer and thousands rallied behind his freedom. In 2020, his story landed on the front page of the Washington Post and he was featured in “Smoke” the BET documentary which shows how the war on drugs systematically targeted Black communities with the criminalization of marijuana.

Ivanka Trump would eventually hear of Corvain’s story and was touched not only by the hypocrisy of his sentence but also that he had two daughters that needed him. Although her father granted Corvain clemency and he was released from prison, since he did not receive a full pardon, he has to endure ten years of parole.

Despite these barriers, he has still been able to have his own strain of marijuana packaged and sold in the popular Cookies marijuana dispensary. For now, Corvain is focused on community events anywhere in L.A County and beyond where he can lend his resources, voice and lived experiences with his social impact brand, 40 Tons. So far, along with 40 Tons founder Loriel Alegrete, Corvain has helped bring expungement clinics to South Central, as well as coding workshops for the youth.

40 Tons is a socially conscience cannabis brand that represents the voiceless as well stories of redemption. The brand is a vibrant reminder that many lives have been lost due to prison sentences and many of the folks behind prison walls, still long to be seen and heard. Lend them an ear and some support through their 40 Tons Merchandise.

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