Sisters of Watts Serve Free Breakfast To Watts Community

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Watts, California–For the last five years, Sisters of Watts has been focused on providing residents of Watts with resources that are needed to address their immediate needs. Founded by sisters and Watts natives Robin and Kiesha Daniels, Sisters of Watts is committed to bringing positive vibrations to the community which is done through giveaways, peace marches for youth and family game nights.

On Saturday, Sisters of Watts held a free community breakfast for Watts residents. Full course breakfast options were served–from shrimp and grits–to cheddar biscuits, eggs and sausages. Robin Daniels shows consistent dedication to her community, no matter the day. Although Saturday was her birthday and Robin Daniels family had made plans to celebrate her, she first, wanted to pour into her community.

“It was important for us to do this today for the community not only for my sister because it was her birthday, but because she wanted to give back today. You know what they say–it is better to give than to receive,” said Sisters of Watts Co-founder Kiesha Daniels.

The sisters and their organization members worked non-stop Saturday morning fixing to-go plates for community members who drove up in cars. Residents who were familiar with Robin and Kiesha from the community, pulled up to grab a seat and chat with the Watts sisters. It is clear these women and the work they are doing was well recognized and received by the community they serve.

Sisters of Watts also made sure the houseless residents of Watts were fed, giving food to those who passed by and driving by local encampments in the neighborhood. They interacted with and spoke to local houseless people in the community like members of their own family, who also welcomed them with open arms into their spaces.

Sisters of Watts has also been selected to be highlighted in the Super Bowl LVl Legacy Program for their community efforts.

The Super Bowl Champions Live Here program shines light on 56 non-profits that are helpting to uplift communities in Los Angeles County.

The Superbowl will be hosted in Inglewood, CA at the new SoFi Stadium Feb. 2022.

“We started off with the intent of helping those in our community who are less fortunate and needed extra help, from school clothes, to food. It has taken off from there without grants or funding. This is out of our own pockets,” Kiehsa Daniels illustrated.

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