Sign The Petition: Open Leimert Park Gates If Hollywood Is Allowed To Film In Area

Leimert Park, CA–Community members in Leimert Park have created a call to action after the area was closed off to film Apple Tv’s “Truth Be Told,” a crime drama starring Octavia Spencer and Mekhi Phifer. The community of Leimert Park which has been one of the mecca’s of Black L.A’s culture, is becoming more of a focus for Hollywood and major corporations. While this provides funding to local businesses whose establishments and/or likeness might be used while filming, there are some Black’s in the area who are experiencing displacement, a lack of resources as well as homelessness.

The filming of “Truth Be Told” in Leimert Park is a sore spot for some, because a fence was erected around the park area–closing off the waterfall and locking out residents. A film crew, however, has been allowed to use this same public park area that is closed to community members.

“The Park is fenced, locked and closed to the public. The park was locked, fenced & closed before COVID. There have been many excuses from the city as to why the park is closed. When Leimert Park residents visit the Village on the weekends, there is no access to bathroom and hand washing because the bathroom is closed & locked! 

In addition to being closed, it is against the law for vendors to sell in the park because of some 1927 racially restrictive covenant that allegedly exists. This racially restrictive covenant was not enforced until 2018 when the street vending campaign was being enacted. The covenant says that all commercial activities are prohibited in the park. 

BUT time and time again, the park has been opened for Film LA and production companies to film in the park. There is a film crew set up in the park right now, tonight! FILMING IS A COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE!!,” (Leimert Park Vendors).

Take action to get the park opened for the community:

1) Sign the petition – link
2) Call Film LA at 213-977-8600 & demand they support the community in getting the park re-opened.
3) Call Mark Ridley Thomas office & demand the park be opened for community. 

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