Report Shows Institutional Racism Playing A Role In Black Los Angeles Homeless Rates

South Central, Los Angeles– In 2018, the committee studying Black homelessness on behalf of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, submitted their report and recommendations on addressing the alarming rates of Black homelessness in Los Angeles.

Black people are said to represent around 30%-40% of the homeless population in L.A, despite representing only 9% of the overall population.

“A theme that cut across the Committee’s work was the acknowledgement that racism has contributed to, and remains intertwined with, homelessness. As such, ending homelessness will require a collective commitment to dismantling racism and addressing racial disparities, and sustained support from funders, policymakers, mainstream systems of care, service providers, and community partners,” the committee details in their report.

This report was addressed today by over 100 city, county and community members at the African-American Museum. This also included Mayor Eric Garcetti, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and City Council-member Marqueece Harris-Dawson.

The report provides 67 recommendations to address the racism, discrimination and unconscious bias in public systems and institutions that has contributed to homelessness.

In January, the Los Angeles Housing Authority hosted their homeless count, which is done annually to keep track of L.A’s rising homeless population.

The count was made possible with the help of thousands of volunteers throughout Los Angeles, who dedicated their time to helping LAHSA in the count.

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