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Polygamist Leader Nature Boy ARRESTED AND DENIED BOND For Imprisoning WOMEN!

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Dekalb County, GA–The leader of a polygamist sex cult was arrested a few days ago in Dekalb County, Georgia and has been charged with very serious crimes from rape, to false imprisonment. He is also charged with three counts of “prohibition on nude or sexually explicit electronic transmissions.” Nature Boy, born name Eligio Bishop, is a very troubled, yet charismatic individual, who refers to himself as the “3God.”

He primarily traveled and lived with his followers in Central America, where they were reportedly kicked out of at least 3 countries, including Panama. They returned to America during the Covid-19 pandemic, after being arrested in Hawaii for breaking quarantine.

In 2018, after traveling with Nature Boy and his group in Central America, an older woman named Momma Dia was dropped off naked at a Morgue after experiencing heart issues.

Videos streamed to Nature Boy’s Youtube and Bigo pages show disturbing behavior from verbal and sometimes physical abuse that he inflicted upon the group. He had complete control over their movements and daily lives. Members could often times be seen on camera giving Nature Boy massages and being made to lay face down at his feet.

“At one point the group appeared to be centered around sexual and naturalist themes, though social media accounts indicate more recently it has reoriented around Bishop’s own messianic self-image and Black liberation messaging. Posts are heavy on the number 3 and ancient Egyptian iconography, with Bishop referred to as “Th3 3God” in the accounts,” 11 Alive.

At the time of his arrest, at least 13 men and women were said to be living with Bishop in an upscale cul-de-sac outside of Decatur, Georgia.

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In a video streamed online by Bishop, he shows a photo of himself as a baby with his parents who he said passed away a year later. From there, Bishop says he was bounced around from foster home to foster home in New York City. He is said to have been a known barber in Atlanta and at one point working in the adult film industry.

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