Meet The Farris/Gouché Tribe: Inglewood’s First Family of Sound

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This year for Black Music Month, I was asked to write an article for BET on the musical legacy and Journey of the Farris/Gouche Family. Check out the article linked below!

Inglewood, CA–When Jackie was a student at Crenshaw High, her music teacher had such an impact on her that she vowed to sit her kids down at the piano as soon as they could reach the keys.

Jackie has poured all of her musical wisdom into her three sons, DavionDaniel, and Darryl Farris. Not only did she make sure they learned to play instruments, but Jackie’s main goal was to ensure her sons were also musically intelligent.

From day one, they were born into a family of musicians who pride themselves on achieving high levels of musical excellence. Jackie’s brother Andrew Gouché, is hailed as the “godfather of gospel bass,” and is a Grammy Award-winning musical director and composer.

“The piano is a foundation,” said Jackie, who is an accomplished vocalist and singer/songwriter with over 30 years of industry experience. “We grew up with one in the house. Watching my mom play, I always wanted to learn.”

Read Full Article: https://www.bet.com/article/tswrmb/black-music-month-jackie-gouche-farris-family-tree

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