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Master P Speaks On Ownership and Building Billion Dollar Brands

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The hosts of the Earn Your Leisure podcast sat down with one of the most important entrepreneurs of all time, a cultural icon to our culture, and a revolutionary thinker. Percy Miller aka Master P needs no introduction. He’s changed the game in music, film, sports, and now he’s trailblazing a new path with his food company Rap Snacks.

They sat down with P, his business partner and founder of Rap Snacks James Lindsay, and the president of Rap Snacks Foundation, hip-hop pioneer, and stock trader, Wise Intelligent.

In EYL #120, they covered brand building, ownership, financial literacy, marketing, stocks, product supply chain, the rumors of Master P buying Reebok, his entry into the electric car space, their initiative to provide seed funding and exposure for small businesses, group economics, and more!

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