Man shot with Nipsey Hussle and later arrested, has been released

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Los Angeles, CA–56-year-old Kerry Lathan has been released from jail after his parole was revoked following the shooting of rapper Nipsey Hussle. CBSLA’s Jeff Nguyen spoke to Lathan’s attorney who said a Secretary of the Department of Corrections got his arrest dismissed in court.

Lathan was one of two men shot along with Nipsey Hussle three weeks ago. The 33-year-old Eritrean rapper born Ermias Asghedom, was killed in the parking lot of his Marathon Clothing store. 29-year-old Eric Holder was arrested two days later for the murder and has pled not guilty. Holder is being represented by former Los Angeles Prosecutor Chris Darden.

Lathan was released from prison seven months ago after serving almost 25 years for murder. Part of Lathan’s parole agreements was that he could not be around any gang-members or convicted felons. These agreements are what prompted his arrest following the shooting. Nipsey Hussle was a known member of the Rolling 60 Crips although he transitioned to legitimate business and wealth building through independent music and the owning of his own masters.

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