LOT XI Is A Compton Based Urban Apothecary Business By Krystyl Wright

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Compton, CA–Krystyl Wright co-owns LOT XI, an e-commerce business based in Compton, CA that offers plant based and eco friendly self care goods for the body and home. Established in 2016, LOT XI’s handcrafted products are available wholesale, as well as private labels for exclusive retailers and events. LOT XI’s products are well researched and practiced with premium essential oils to help people heal. Wright’s intentions and focus is being a community conscious, urban apothecary company–one that focuses on the impact of environment, people and culture. They offer products for men and women, ranging from body scrubs, to body butters and creams, as well as candles, artisan soaps and body washes. Products can be purchased on www.lotxi.com as well as in person at Supa Coffee located at1173 Roberton Blvd , Los Angeles 90035.

Join LOT XI at their next pop-up event Nov. 27 at The Brown Sugar on Adams Artisan Market, located at 2600 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90016-2807, United States. 11:00 a.m-5:00 p.m

LOT XI will also be at the Unique Markets 2021 Pop-Up in Portland, Oregon Dec. 4th & 5th.

Catch them at the Unique Markets Los Angeles December 11th & 12th.

What Inspired You To Start LOT XI? 

“We were inspired by the need to have access to quality self-care goods, to help people heal, while being conscious about the community that we serve.  Access in the mental health space presents challenges and red tape, while preventing some people the opportunity to have quality services and goods.  While mental health was the driving force of the business, we wanted to break down the stigmas around mental health, so we tailored LOT XI by curating luxury self-care goods for the body and home.” 

What keeps you driven in business?

“My family and community. I have learned that the focus in business is not to chase the money but to chase the creativity.”

What Has The Pandemic Been Like As A Small Business Owner?

“The pandemic has shown us to think globally and strategically about the business, as well as becoming more flexible with our quarterly goals. The pandemic was the crucial pivot we needed to be creative and thoughtful about our product offering and networking.” 

What would you like the reader to know about you as an individual? 

“As a practicing clinical psychotherapist and my mom being a school counselor, we love how our products have helped people. The reviews continue to show us that our intentions and actions will allow us to grow and manifest our next moves–this includes a manufacturing space to provide recently incarcerated individuals with career opportunities.

How Important Are Pop-Up Shops For Small, Minority Owned Businesses? 

“Pop -Ups are extremely critical for small Black and minority owned businesses due to the minimal representation in department stores.  More importantly being a small Black and minority owned business to assess the strategic planning of many popups and really to know where your customers are. More Black Businesses and minority owned businesses can be just as successful if we start to work together and be open to merging.”

SHOP: https://www.lotxi.com

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