LASD ‘Executioners’: Compton Mayor Aja Brown Shares She Was Pulled Over And Questioned By Compton Sheriff’s

Compton, CA–Secret gangs among officers in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department were exposed after the 2016 Compton shooting of Donta Taylor.

Taylor’s family filed a $50 million dollar lawsuit and their lawyer stated the deputies that killed Taylor were part of a more violent aspect of policing.

“You earn your “ink” by doing violent crimes. It encourages violence. It also encourages a code of silence.”

Taylor’s family received a $7,000,000 settlement, one of the largest settlements in recent history—and at least one the officers involved in Taylor’s shooting was forced to reveal his tattoo during trial. 

Read More: Cop group with matching skull tattoos costs taxpayers $7 million in fatal shooting

Compton Mayor Aja Brown spoke at a press conference this week on her experience with Sheriff’s Deputies who pulled her over one night and demanded to search her car.

Despite her infant daughter in the car crying, as well as being accompanied by her husband, it wasn’t until deputies realized she was the Mayor, that she was let go.

A prominent business owner in Los Angeles known as Taco Mell was also recently pulled over officers, where a gun was pulled on him by a female deputy. He was also present this week at Mayor Brown’s press conference seeking accountability from the LASD.

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