Largest Federal Probe in L.A History: City Councilman Jose Huizar Arrested on RICO Charges

Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar was arrested at his home today after being indicted on RICO charges in what is being called the largest federal probe in L.A History.

Huizar is charged with one count of conspiring to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. He is being accused of running a criminal enterprise along with his associates and violating a series of laws, including bribery, honest services fraud, extortion and money laundering.

The criminal complaint against Huizar alleges that he accepted at least $1.5 million from real estate developers who wanted to have their developments approved in Los Angeles.

According to the California U.S Attorney:

 “This case pulled back the curtain on rampant corruption at City Hall,” said United States Attorney Nick Hanna. “Councilman Huizar violated the public trust to a staggering degree, allegedly soliciting and accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from multiple sources over many years.

Using the power of his office to approve or stall large building projects, Huizar worked through a web of other corrupt city officials, lobbyists, consultants and developers to line his pockets and maintain his hold on Council District 14, which he turned into a money-making criminal enterprise that shaped the development landscape in Los Angeles.”

Full Criminal Complaint: Case Alleges the Politician Operated a ‘Pay-to-Play’ Scheme in Which Real Estate Developers Funneled Cash and Other Benefits to Secure Favorable Treatment

video: CBSLA, KTLA

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