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LAPD Tells Black Activist Nipsey Was Not Under Investigation. We Don’t Believe Them

South Central, Los Angeles—Confusion and propaganda continues to cloud the assassination of Los Angeles legend Nipsey Hussle.

The New York Times has published a few articles detailing how the Los Angeles Police Department were investigating Nipsey Hussle prior to his death.

Anyone who attended Nipsey Hussle’s funeral service or watched online, know that his brother revealed they were in fact being investigated and sabotaged by the LAPD.

The City Attorney’s Office, along with the police department had been pressuring the previous owner of the lot where Nipsey rented and operated several businesses, to kick Nipsey and his business associates out for gang activity.

Instead of holding a press conference or releasing a press release denouncing the claims laid out by the New York Times, they call local community activist Najee Ali.

Ali goes live on Facebook inside the parking lot of The Marathon Clothing, and calls The NY Times article a “damn lie.”

He goes on to say that he knows this to be a fact, because the LAPD called him personally to say so.

The misinformation and deliberate confusion that is being spread surrounding Nipsey Hussle assassination continues to make the public question what exactly happened to Nipsey Hussle.

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