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#JusticeForJosiah HSU Students Stage ‘Die In’ During Spring Preview

Arcata, CA–Today students at Humboldt State University staged a “die in” outside of HSU’s main dining hall.

Students laid on the ground with makeup resembling blood and wounds on their faces, while others stood near their bodies with signs that read, “protect your children, this is what happens to POC’s at HSU.”


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April 15, 2018, will mark one-year since Lawson suffered multiple stab wounds at an off-campus party and students are determined to bring national attention to his unsolved murder.

Groups of parents and prospective students passed by this silent demonstration, while being led by guides during their tour of HSU’s campus.

Some even stopped to ask what happened and others commended the students.

Although a suspect who admitted to being in a physical altercation with Lawson was arrested at the scene, he was released three weeks later. The Judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to hold him for trial.

Many students felt that racial bias contributed to the outcome and took to the streets in protest after the ruling.

There were also vigils set up on various parts of campus today in honor of Lawson including outside of the library and the multi-cultural center.


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