John Singleton Family Pulls Plug on Life Support

Los Angeles, CA–John Singleton passed away yesterday at 51-years-old. The decision came after his family decided to pull the plug on his life support after he suffered a stroke April 17.

Several reports on his condition were released and disputed. Initial reports claimed that Singleton suffered a “mild stroke.”

However, in the legal documents his mother filed in pursuit of being named Singleton’s conservator, Singleton was said to be in a coma following his stroke, as well as suffering from motor skill impairment and the inability to make “logical decisions.”

Singleton’s kids, however, reportedly disputed these claims of his condition.

Singleton was said to have been involved in several deals and settlements and faced financial loss if someone was not appointed to handle his medical and financial affairs.

John Singleton was a visionary. A Writer. A Director. And an all around inspiration, for real. When you talk about being at the head of telling our own stories, he did that.

From Poetic Justice, Baby Boy to Higher Learning. Straight out the gates of USC, Singleton gave us Boyz n Tha Hood and continued to create cult classics for our community.

He is the youngest and first Black Director to be nominated for an oscar at 24-years-old with Boyz n Tha Hood.

I appreciate my pops for showing me all these movies growing up that are the cornerstone of Black culture. Wow man, I can’t believe we are saying RIP to another pivotal piece to our experience. First Nipsey Hussle, now John Singleton.

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