Jackie Lacey Leads D.A Race With 50%, Despite Husband Pulling Gun on BLM Activist

Los Angeles, CA–The 2020 presidential race is not the only election this year that people are watching closely. A little over 1.2 million ballots were cast in Los Angeles On Super Tuesday for various city council, supervisor and judge seats that are currently up for grabs.

One of the most important elections in Los Angeles politics is the District Attorney race. Incumbent Jackie Lacey, along former San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and L.A public defender Rachel Rossi are currently running for the seat.

File:Chief George Gascon SFPD.jpg
George Gascon

So far, Lacey maintains just a little over 50% with Gascon coming in second with around 27% of the vote.

While hundreds of thousands of ballots are still left to process, Rossi released this statement regarding the D.A race this morning:

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“I’m overwhelmed by the amount of support that I’ve received from Los Angeles County residents ready to take a different path toward real criminal justice reform. It’s still too early to call the election but I want to say thank to everyone who supported my grassroots campaign to bring bold and transformative change to the largest prosecutor’s office in the country.  I am extremely proud to be the first former public defender to run for District Attorney in L.A. County.”

It is interesting that Lacey leads the race for District Attorney, considering a day before the election, her husband David Lacey pulled a gun and threatened to shoot Black Lives Matter activist who were at their residence protesting.

For the last two years, Black Lives Matter and their supporters have held rallies every week in front of Lacey’s office in Downtown L.A. Activist also frequent Lacey’s neighborhood, protesting on the street in front of Lacey’s home, over her refusal to indicate any officers in over 400 police shootings since she has been in office.

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