HSU Chief of Police Resigns From NAACP Following Recruitment Letter

He sent the email right before the “community dialogue on race” a few weeks ago.

Personally, I always questioned what the hell a white-male cop was doing as VP of the local NAACP. Granted, we are in a rural, mostly-white area but still.

It might not seem odd unless you know history and understand how the police have undermined and ended any Black liberation movements. I mean, look what happened to the Black Panther Party under J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI.

Certain dialogues I have had with Peterson and remarks he has made were very questionable–for a white man who tries to overcompensate and represent himself as an ally. He is always quick to bring up his biracial kids.

For a cop to sit in an executive committee meeting as VP of the National Advancement for colored people and tell a black woman, “I’m trying hard not to lose my cool with you,” I’m happy to see him go.

Sharonne Blanck, whose husband works as an attorney for the county of Humboldt, was named interim president.

Eureka NAACP To HSU: Cease Recruitment in Minority Majority Neighborhoods Until Substantial Support is Implemented

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