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Gambia Warns British Women STOP Sex Tourism & Exploiting Locals For Cash!

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Gambia has become a hot spot for sex tourism and the government is now warning British women, to stop traveling to the country looking to exchange money for sex with Black locals.

Sex tourism has been a huge issue not only in Gambia, with both male and female tourists with extra cash traveling around the world looking for locals.

Tourists are often traveling to these remote islands and countries, where locals do not have access to the same type of jobs or capital as Americans or Europeans.

The small west African country of Gambia is no different.

So much so, the country has put out a warning to white, British women in particular. Stop soliciting young Gambian men for sex.

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In Gambia, middle-aged Western women are exchanging local currency to have sex with young, Gambian men. This dynamic is due largely in part to the stereotypes, hysteria and fetishes surrounding Black, male genitalia.

Abubacarr S. Camara, Director of Gambia Tourism Board, recently told the Telegraph that:

“What we want in The Gambia is quality tourists. Tourists that come to enjoy the country and its culture, not tourists that come just for sex. Pa Kebba M Camara, tour guide, holiday representative and former employee of Thomas Cook UK Airlines, has told this medium that creating an impression that old British tourist ladies only come to the country for sexual pleasure is “unfortunate, especially when it is coming from a tourist authority.”

Gambia relies heavily on tourism and it contributes to 20% of their GDP and employs almost 200,000 Gambians.

Sisters Jackie Simpson and Julie Ramsey were interviewed about traveling to Gambia over 15 times, and watching women fall victim to money grabbing schemes while looking for fun with locals.

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